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SmartEnergy Electronic Technology (Changzhou) Co.,Ltd. was founded at 2012 by people with the background of oversea study and work experience. The company is the first batch of "Changzhou City of excellence program". Company headquarter is located in Wujin Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone (Wujin Branch Innovation Center). Company is mainly engaged in grid-tie solar micro-inverter system and core chip design and development, production and sales.
         The company currently developed grid-tie solar micro-inverters has superior performance. The inverter is with a full digital control strategy, strong anti-interference ability, high MPPT tracking accuracy and high efficiency. Since the controller of the inverter uses a self-developed ASIC the inverter has high integration, high reliability, and low cost.
         Our patented inverter power follow output technology and anti-islanding protection circuit can effectively protect the inverter operation with always in the best of working condition.
         Company Online Store: http://shop107461548.taobao.com/?spm=

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  • Addr: Tianan Cyber Park,
              C-301, Changzhou.
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  • Email:[email protected]
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SMT 250W Micro-Inverter
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